What Types of Music Can Increase One’s Libido?

People try out different things to boost their libido. But did you know that music has an impact on our sex life? Not many of you own this knowledge but this is true. It is been proven by researches and studies that music can increase our libido.

We all love music, especially in our leisure time. It helps uplift our mood and also have a calming effect on our mind. When you have the right music, you are capable of doing anything. According to studies, men with low testosterone are the most benefitted ones. Music helps them to get in the right mood to enjoy their sexual life.

Sex and music are often put together. You must have seen actors doing a bed scene with romantic music in the background. Well, it’s pretty much the same in real life as well. Music can positively affect your sexual desires. This applies to both men and women.

How does music increase your libido?

Many couples have the habit of turning on the music while getting into action on the bed. The simple reason is that it helps them to get in the right mood. Also, it escalates your sexual desires.

According to researchers conducted by McGill University in Montreal, it has been found that listening to music can release dopamine which is called the feel-good hormone.

An assistant professor known as Frank Diaz from Oregon University said that music also leads to the production of serotonin. This is a kind of neurotransmitter that is known to regulate your mood. This is why music can influence our mood and emotions.

Sex has an emotional side to it which is influenced by the right music. Men with low testosterone are found to be sexually aroused after listening to music. In other words, it helps boost their sexual drive. If you are one of them then you should try this method out to see if it works.

When is the right time to turn on the music?

Many unfortunate men suffer from the problem of low testosterone levels. Due to this, their sex life is affected badly. But when you know the right way to boost your drive you can benefit yourself from it.

We already know that music can pump your testosterone levels. But timing is everything in this case. This may differ from man to man. For example, some men turn on music doing foreplay while others listen to music while coming back home. This helps them to prepare themselves and once they are in the right mood, they can unleash themselves on their partner.

Experts suggest that men with low testosterone should give music a try. Music not only works on these men but also on others and women as well. In case, it doesn’t work for you, there’s no harm trying.

Playing The Right Music

Playing the right music to set in the mood is as important as choosing the right time. You cannot just play anything you want to get yourself in the mood. The music that you are playing should have that feel about itself. Only then it will help you to get into the mood.

Some tracks instantly hit your libido. Most of these tracks are romantic ones. When you listen to such tracks your drive increases. Songs like Dirty Dancing, Let it Get On, Sex on Fire, etc., are some of the track that has a great effect on your sexual desires.

Experts have said that the effect of music differs from person to person. In other words, if a song arouses you doesn’t mean it will work on someone else as well. To get the results, you need to find songs that can invoke a strong urge in you.

Music Can Influence Who You Want To Have Sex With

Music not only boosts your libido but it also plays various roles in your sexual life. You don’t have to look confused. Let us explain it to you.

Learn more about the roles of sex in your marriage.

A study was published in the Media Psychology Journal in which it was mentioned that certain types of pop music can influence your interest in your sexual partner. According to the study, it is found that participants who listened to music before finding their potential partners were more interested in having sex.

Even if you don’t like pop music, you cannot deny that they very suggestive lyrics. When you continue to listen to such a song which is all about sex, you are likely to end up wanting sex. Every word and lyrics in the track affects you in a way that you get into the story yourself. This affects your brain and sexual thoughts start to arise.

Music Can Boost Your Mood

There have been several studies proving that music has the same effect as other feel-good experiences. This includes doing drugs and orgasm times as well.

Researchers have studied the brain of the participants while they listened to music. During the experiment, they saw the same areas of the brain to light up when listening to music as when you have sex.

Studies have shown that music boosts the production of dopamine in our bodies. As already mentioned above dopamine is called the feel-good hormone. It is a kind of pleasure chemical that is instigated by scandalous vices.

Music Makes It Easier To Approach Your Crush

Are you scared to approach your crush or the person you are interested in? Then music can give you the confidence that you are lacking.

Based on a French study, listening to some positive music can help you approach your crush more easily. To conclude, the researchers divided the subjects into two different groups. One group was made to listen to neutral sounds while the second group was made to hear romantic songs.

As per the results, we know that female participant who listening to romantic tracks were more receptive to males than subjects who did not.

If you want to pick someone up, all you need is some good tracks and you are all set to go.

From the above discussion, we arrive at the conclusion that listening to music releases dopamine in our blood. This feel-good hormone in return uplifts our mood. If you listen to the right kind of music at the right time then you can turn yourself on. Other than that listening to songs also has many other benefits. From turning you on to boosting your confidence, it does it all for you. So turn up your stereos because you are about to impress your crush.

Other Ways To Increase Your Libido

Other than music, there are many ways through which you can boost your sex drive. Many of you may already know some of these methods. But for those who don’t can refer to the pointers given below. Most of these techniques are effective.

  1.   Control your stress levels

Stress and anxiety are the biggest enemies of your sex drive. If you want to be asexually more active then you need to take less stress and control your anxiety levels as well.

When you are stressed about something, let’s say work, you cannot get sexually aroused. This happens to both men and women. You need to be in a happy and stress-free mood to have sex. For a human, it is not possible to completely stress free but you can lower the levels.

  1.   Exercise before sex

Working out before sex can boost your sex drive. This is particularly true for men. During exercise, your testosterone levels go up which in return increases your sexual urges. It will also help you to feel more confident and comfortable in the bedroom. If you haven’t tried this method yet then you should do it now.

  1.   Focus on foreplay

Cutting right to the main action doesn’t work for everyone. If you like to take things slowly then good foreplay is a must for you. During foreplay, you can get into the right mood. It will help you to drive your lust and sexual desires. As a result, you will be more aroused than before. For women, this work as a charm. However, many love foreplay as much as any woman would love it.

  1.   Eat healthily

You may not pay much heed to this method but eating a healthy diet can boost your sex drive. Eating vegetables and high protein can increase your libido. Whereas, eating excess sugar can decrease your sex drive. You need to eat a nutritious diet that can promote good blood circulation and a healthy heart.

Music forever remains the main mantra to increase your sex drive. All you need is the right music at the right time and it can work like magic. Couples who play music during the action are said to enjoy their act more.