What is the most sexual soundtrack ever made?

Sexual soundtracks are the songs from that category that arouses sensuous feelings or emotions among the listeners. This type of song is highly allusive and lyrics are not directly talking about the theme or background. The listener has to take out the meanings of their own, in a very erotic and sensuous manner. This type of soundtrack is trending everywhere nowadays. Hollywood is a massive junction as well as a source of such songs that arouses sexual appeal to the listeners. Some of the European countries are also playing an important role in the recording of such songs.

Sexual soundtracks of high caliber

If somebody is highly desirous to have sex with the music playing, he must play these songs to fulfill his wish. There some sexual soundtracks whose lyrics are enough to fall in the category of eroticism and sexualism.

  1. “Feeling myself” by Beyonce and Nicki Minaj

The song feeling myself is a mutual work of American singers Nicki Minaj and Beyonce. This song is taken from the album, the Pinkprint (2014). The song is all about the sexual mood and masturbation, Carolina Bologna writes about this song. In the world of sexual and erotic songs, this song is still trending very rapidly.

  1. “I am a slave for you” by Britney spears

This song is recorded by the American singer Britney spears. Some of the critics acclaimed this song as the most mature song of Britney spears. The song, however, collected a lot of applause all over the world. It will be always remembered as the most mature song of this famous singer. Britney Spears is the name in American pop singing, which is sensational and of great fame. Though spears are out of modern fame, she is still remembered among the modern listeners for her romantic songs.

  1. “Girl” by The Internet (ft. Kaytranada)

This song is trending amongst the listeners of sexual soundtracks. This song is a mutual work of singer Internet and Canadian DJ Kaytranada. This song deserves a top position in the most played sexual soundtracks. The song has got the most appealing and sexual beats ever. This will set your mood to the most effective style of listening.

  1. “Come away with me” by Norah Jones

Come away with me is famous because it was a debut song by the American recording artist Norah Jones. Recording of this song took place in New York. This song was at number one on US billboard 200. This song also received Grammy awards for the best pop vocal album. Ten million copies of this song were sold in entire America, making it the best-selling albums in the history of American music.

  1. “Thinking about you” by Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean recorded this song, “thinking about you” from his debut studio in America. May 2012 was the date when this song was sent to radio for all. This song is all about the relationship and the tiff which happens in a relationship. The song collected wide praise from all the critics for brilliant lyrics and free singing. The song was nominated for the Grammy award in 2013 for the record of the year.

  1. “Body party” by Ciara

Body party is a song by famous American pop singer Ciara. The song was recorded by Ciara as the fifth studio album. This song was certified as GOLD by RIAA in 2013. After the release of this song, Ciara twitted “my body is your party baby”. The song speaks about Ciara’s body a party for her romantic partner. The song features seductive moaning and also some playful bedroom talk, again taking this song to the erotic category.

  1. “Skin” by Rihanna

Rihanna is a very famous and trending name in the life of those music listeners. She recorded this song skin from her fifth studio album, Loud. The song lyrics are all about that one who is in a relationship with someone and always wanting to feel their skin close. Critics acclaimed this song by saying this is Rihanna’s sensual voice. This song was also used for Rihanna’s advertisement campaign for Armani Jeans.

  1. “Sexual healing” by Marvin Gaye

The song sexual healing was recorded by the famous American singer, Marvin Gaye. This song is taken from the album, Midnight Love. The song secured 233 positions in the top 500 songs in The Rolling Stone’s list. One can hear Marvin singing ‘heal me o darling’ in between the song which is again sensuous. The song was heard among the music lovers and collected much praise than expected.

  1. “Kiss it better” by Rihanna

The Barbadian singer Rihanna recorded this song as her eighth studio album, Anti. This song was telecasted on the radio of the United States. The lyrics of the song focuses on the broken relationship, which is now destroyed. The singer is feeling irresistible while singing this song, this can felt by the listeners. The song also deals with the return of love, where the theme revolves around the breaking of boundaries and returning to lover.

  1. “Make me feel” by Janelle Monae

The song ‘make me feel’ is a song by the leading American singer Janelle Monae. This song is taken from the collection of a third studio album, a dirty computer. This song was claimed as the hottest single track of that time. The song is all about the feelings of a lover toward his beloved when solitariness surrounds. The song is compared to many single tracks by the critics.

  1. “Stay with me” by Sam Smith

The song ‘stay with me’ is a title track by the English singer, Sam Smith. The song is taken from the debut studio album ‘In the lonely hour’. Stay with me is a song that pleads the beloved for one -night stand and not to leave the lover under any circumstance. The song was the most successful song by Sam Smith. This song was in the first position in the UK, New Zealand, and Canada. Stay with me song won two Grammy awards for song of the year and record of the year.

  1. “Body Say” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is one of the topmost singers of America. She recorded this song mutually with Simon Wilcox and Sir Nolan. The song was initially released to music streaming services. This song was played on the radio on July 1. ‘body says’ is a type of ballad which seeks the theme of sexuality and self -confidence. She wrote this song to express what she could do if her body had a say. Critics claimed this song as the result of Lovato’s break up with her boyfriend recently.

  1. “Lost without you” by Robin Thicke

The song ‘Lost without you’ is recorded by the American singer Robin Thicke. People magazine voted in favor of this song and claimed this song as the sexiest song of the year 2007. This song also got the tag of the 10th best song of 2007 by the magazine, Vibe. The song was written under the depression of the singer when he was not famous and also not much success with the commercial release of the music.

  1. “I want your sex” by George Michael

I want your sex is a song by the English singer George Michael. This song was in the first position in London, second in America and top 5 positions in many other countries. The song was the recipient of the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Original Song. The song mainly focuses on AIDS awareness. The song contains lyrics like ‘lust.’

  1. “Adorn” by Miguel

Adorn is one of those famous songs by the American singer and lyricist, Miguel. The song was recorded by Miguel after getting inspired by his girlfriend ad a series of dreams ha had with him before meeting to his girlfriend and writing this song. The song was released on I tunes and acclaimed on 17th position in the top 100 songs. The song received positive comments by the critics of the time and also regarded as the second-best song.

The motive behind making songs are very genuine and original. Sexual soundtracks are basically from that category which allows listeners to feel their romantic past or present. These types of songs are always preferred by the young minds of the present world. As we have seen as well as listened to some of the really good singers.

They were singing for their lovers, some of them were singing for their beloved, some of them were singing for their lost relationship, some of them were singing for the sexual appeal of the partner, and some of them were singing under the influence of the gloomy days of their life. Various moods are there for such songs. Listeners of these songs are also some sort of mad type or addicted badly to these. This happens only because they are very much able to relate their present lifestyle with the lyrics of the song. Only a perfect singer can take their listeners to another world.