What are the recommended songs to play while having sex?

To get a wondering experience while having sex, background music or songs are the best choices to make a solid interaction with your partner. Choose a song for your partner on which she is totally mad and feels something wild. Freaky songs, love songs, are some of the best genres to get play in intercourse to get an amazing experience. You must know about your partner’s choice of songs, choice of place or circumstances. So, according to these circumstances, you can create a moment something different from all other times. Keep a collection of beautiful songs on different genres. If the sudden plan makes, be ready with a playlist.

Many surveys are done on this topic, asked by many women and they all have given a positive response to this. Playing different songs in different situations is the priority of many girls and women. You must observe the mood of your bae whether she is feeling romantic, wild or sad. One important thing which you must keep in mind that little music can not help you if you already know your bae. For example, you can also play some dirty and nasty beats which transcend you on a different level.

Some of the best songs are mentioned below in several situations which can be played while having sex:

Rainy Day Sex

Soundtrack – “Sadeness” by Enigma 

Who doesn’t want to spend their best sex moments on a rainy day? Every couple wants. The fantasy gets boosted up when the music of “Sadeness” fills the room with great energy. The raindrops outside the room have a sizzling effect on the mind and prompt us to romance with our partner. The rhythm of Sadeness mixed with the dripping of rain enhances the eroticism of the environment. The lyrics are not comprehensible. They are French. But the music and the pace would lead you to feel the warmth of the wine of mirth from the sky in the form of rain. This track is sexy and there are heavy breathings in it that can wet you with sweat in the pounding rain.

Marathon Love Making

Soundtrack – Underworld Soundtrack 

This is a musical journey of sex throughout the day. When you have planned to sleep beside your partner and make love for the entire length of the day, you must get this Underworld Soundtrack played. It has the music set in a great proportion of the time. As soon as you strip off your clothes the pace of the music would slow down to let you foreplay with upbeats and downbeats in an erotic manner. This music is the best for having multiple orgasms and long-lasting sex. The beats of the track keep on changing. It is an action-horror flick. This the all in one song for the stripping, foreplay, sex, sleep and repeat. Marathon lovemaking requires some this kind of rock music that last longer along with the man.

Slow and Intense Sex

Soundtrack- “Melody” by Serge Gainsbourg

There is a method to reach the madness of sex. The method is all about the pace. From stripping up clothes to cuddling up faces through stripping off clothes to getting over each other – everything goes with a rhythm. Music can shape the movements and control the pace with which one makes the move. For having slow foreplay before romantic sex probably on the bed, one needs to play the music that is intense and soothing both at the same time. Melody by Serge Gainsbourg is the best choice. This soundtrack would turn the man on pace to slow down and take his time. It also makes him last longer. The intensity of the sound is so uniquely fit for this kind of sex that both the partners are satisfied with the music as well as the sex. This musical track has been categorized under the rock music genre. It can serve its purpose in a great manner.

For Having Sex in A Car

Soundtrack- “Pony” by Ginuwine 

People explore the adventurous angles of sex. Sex in a car is one of them. Almost every people want to have sex in a car. Outside the bedroom in a tight and steamy space, you can enjoy this method with different songs that would initiate a romantic feeling towards your bae. There are some of the best songs which would attract your mood in a long drive with your partner. Sitting back in a car on the highway with a loud romantic song would give you a feeling of sensuousness. To create this mood more passionate, playing songs and music are the best choices. The popular song “Pony” by Ginuwine is considered as one of the best choices for car sex. These types of songs would make your journey memorable. While most of the women agree that there is nothing wrong to play this song while having car sex.

Along with the “Pony” song, there are some other songs too which you should play in the background while banging in the back seat. “Lovers in the Backseat” by Scissor Sisters, “Red Ragtop” by Tim McGraw, “Paradise” by Meat Loaf are some other songs recommended for car sex.

Loud and Nasty Lovemaking

Soundtrack- “Doin’ It” by LL Cool J

Being mad at the time of sex is a common nature of any human being. Many people love to create an angry moment before having sex. In an angry mood, with some sexiest beats on a high bass would make you and your partner sensuous and freaky. In this situation, the song “Doin’ It” by LL Cool J would be a perfect choice. This type of song would give you some extra power and stamina while having loud and nasty sex. Shouting and making loud with this song would fill you with enthusiasm. The erotic and sensual beats and lyrics would send a current of sensuousness in you and your partner’s body. To show your love in an angry mood these types of songs you should play in your bedroom or any suitable place.

Soulmate Sex

Soundtrack – “Colorblind “by Counting Crows 

Everyone, especially girls, has this fantasy of playing the song while having sex with the man of her dream when they meet in real life. The true soulmates made for each other. The purity of the music in “Colorblind” is suggestive of this kind of expectation from the track. Sweet lovemaking needs some relaxing and erotic sensual music whose rhythm would make you feel the presence of each breath. It is the music for the love of your life sex. The first-time sex can also have this track played. There are so much passion and rawness in this music that if you are in a serious relationship, this song would work out the best for making your partner feel special while having sex. The transcendental virtue of this song makes it top the list of erotic songs.

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A Hot Quickie

Soundtrack – “Lock It” by Rare Essence 

Have you wondered what would happen if you could not resist putting off your clothes as soon as you hear the song? This would happen if you hear “Lock It”. The pace of the rhythm is so furious that the beats take you higher and you are left with no time to react; you just go for quick sex. The tumbling sounds of upbeats are perfect for a quickie. You could have your bodies slamming and rubbing and moving with every beat of the sound. The energy of the track would make you wild. The pulsating drums would let you perspire and you could feel the entire universe with your breathtaking lovemaking. This track has the credibility of never upsetting the lovers while having quickie sex at whatever workplace they choose. On the old school music, get ready to sweat.

Hotel room Sex

Soundtrack – “Wicked Games “by The Weeknd

When you want the music to get into the dark and deep desires of your partner, you play the “Wicked Games”. At times one might want to get naughty. One may get horny. The music that would lead k e to that stage is the Wicked Desire. Sometimes we do sex at such places where we shouldn’t do like in a hotel room or on the kitchen counter or the dining table. The choice of place and the timing is adventurous. This music brings out the real inner stripper in you and you even forget with whom you are on the bed. The secret desires of sex come out with every beat. The music is so erotic that it can make you do it like a beast. Sometimes, people love wild moves with dark music.

Thus, these musics and different circumstances while having sex provide true satisfaction. The list of songs which are mentioned above is very much helpful for those people who do not want simple sex. Generally, the common situations in lovemaking do not give a different experience. So, people who are fond of getting a wild experience while having sex, these songs are recommended for them. Whether you are in a romantic mood, angry mood, wild mood, etc., this article would help you to make you any mood happier.