What are binaural beats and is it possible to achieve orgasm by just listening to it?

Binaural beats can be defined as the beats of frequencies equal to the difference in frequency of the originals prepared by the brain when both your ears receive two tones which are slightly different in frequency.

What are binaural beats?

Binaural beats are not a new type of music, it’s a process of combining two sounds of slightly different frequencies to make the concept of a new single tone of a different particular frequency. When both your ears receive two sounds of different frequencies at the same time, the brain processes it to a single tone of frequency equal to the difference in frequency of the prior ones. The brain adapts to a new frequency after sensing both the sounds. For example, you are hearing a sound of 132 Hertz (Hz) on your left ear and a sound of 121 Hertz (Hz) on your right ear at the same time, during that period your brain instead of processing two different tones adjusts to a frequency equal to the difference in frequencies of the prior, that is, 11 Hertz (Hz) along with both the tones.

Binaural beats are also expressed as audible delusions. Binaural beats can only work when both the tones are of frequencies less than 1000 Hz, with a difference not more than 30 Hz, and perceived by both the ears at the same time individually. Binaural beats are not only a part of music tracks, but, it is also used in tuning musical instruments, like pianos, organs, etc. Nowadays, they are also used for many health-related processes.

Benefits of binaural beats

The art of calming the mind and turning down random thoughts that pass through it is called meditation. Regular practice of meditation leads one to experience Lower stress levels, low anxiety, a slower rate of memory loss and brain aging. Also, it enhances emotional health and lengthens attention span and patience.

Binaural beats of frequencies between 1 and 30 Hz are known to create the same brainwave pattern that one experiences during meditation.

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When a person listens to a sound of a certain frequency, his brain waves synchronize with that frequency. Hence, binaural beats can enable a person to create the frequency his brain needs to create the same waves he experiences during meditation. This use of technology is sometimes referred to as the brainwave entrainment technology.

Binaural beats for anxiety reduction

According to recent research studies, binaural beats can help in reducing different types of anxiety, from mild to severe. From one of the intriguing study, it had been found that binaural beats play a beneficial role relating to anxiety for patients who all will be undergoing surgery, as surgeries always become a reason of anxiety among people. In six months, it has been experimentally found that patients who are subjected to binaural beats for 30 minutes on the day of their surgery show beneficial signs compared to patients subjected to soundtracks excluding binaural beats and patients who receive no sound related therapy at all.

Binaural beats also help in the reduction of anxiety levels and also lowers blood pressure levels when treated to patients who are preparing for cataract surgery.

Binaural beats to enhance creativity and cognition.

Researchers are also figuring ways, how binaural beats can be used in issues relating to cognitive abilities, that is, whether it can be used in improving cognitive functions like learning, memory, focus, and creativity. According to recent researches, it had been figured that binaural beats can help in improving long-term memory and working memory, and also enhances neural connections between networks within the brain. Binaural beats also help in developing attention. Binaural beats also affect the dopamine level in the human body, which is a hormone that plays a huge role in cognition and distinctly in creative thinking. Precisely saying, binaural beats motivate creative thinking.

How do you use binaural beats?

All that needs to experiment with binaural beats is a pair of earphones and binaural beat audio. Audio files of binaural beats can easily be found online, like on Spotify, YouTube or you can purchase CD or download the audio to directly play and listen on your device. For a binaural beat to work, the two tones have to be of varying frequencies of less than 100 Hz, and their difference should not be more than 30 Hz. It is you who need to decide which brainwave suits your desired state of mind. Generally:

  • Binaural beats of range 1 to 4 Hz (delta range) are associated with relaxation and deep sound sleep.
  • Binaural beats from 4 to 8 Hz (theta range) have been associated with a decrease in anxiety, creative and meditate state of mind, relaxation and rem sleep.
  • Binaural beats of the alpha frequencies that are from 8 to 13 Hz promote positivity, encourage relaxation and decrease anxiety.
  • Binaural beats of the lower beta frequencies (14 to 30 Hz) are associated with an increase in concentration and alertness, improved memory power and problem-solving.

One needs to find a tranquil place free of disturbances. Simply listen to the audio of binaural beats for at least 30 mins every day with earphones plugged in to ensure that the rhythm falls into synchronization throughout your brain. You can check if you can listen to the audio for a longer duration to see if it works for you. If you are experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety, you might go up to an hour listening to the audio. However, using earphones is important to make the binaural beats work.

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Creating a Binaural Beats Orgasm

Researches have shown that one can stimulate his pleasure senses and get intimate with a partner by listening to the right frequency of the music. Music of the perfect frequency lets you pave way for your heightened arousal. Binaural beats have been created keeping in mind this scientific potential. It’s called tantric stimulation, which means a deeply sexually relaxing and stimulating soundtrack. It works on two levels to arouse this state of mind.

In the first place, the music instrument is tuned to 528 Hz, called the ancient solfeggio scale or the love frequency. Thus gives the soundtrack a naturally soothing touch. Binaural beats connect your heart and divine essence to the earth. Additionally, a mixture of musical elements has been added to create a relaxed, hedonistic state that works in Harmony. The result of all this is a feeling urging to yield to your being, to your sexuality, to your body. This is the climax state for those who strive to relax during intimacy, with or without a partner.

Secondly, there are certain frequencies of music that have been made using the science of binaural beats. The first half of the composition contains a frequency of 9 Hz. This frequency of sound that is lower-alpha state, promotes arousal of sexuality while you still feel relaxed but aware and grounded. In this regard, the music seeks to associate with your sexuality and break down your insecurities and hesitation, anxiety, fear.

The second half of the soundtrack is created in the delta state. This frequency of sounds enables you to relax and induces a sense of sleep in you. Thus the relaxed state is the key in orgasm. Those who struggle to achieve the Ultimate state, they know that the more one thinks about it, the less likely is it to happen. Meditation brings your mind to the center. It helps you throw out the distractive thoughts of exterior influences, calms your overthinking mind and filters any negative thought infiltrating your mind.

When one listens to tantric stimulation, either during sexual activity or masturbation with a partner, it hugely reduces stress, tension and nervousness and aid one in doing the following:

  • Increase vitality
  • Increase arousal
  • Increase orgasm intensity
  • Heighten sensuality and feelings of intimacy
  • Increase potential to orgasm, not physically, that is mindgasm.
  • Improved ability to multiple orgasms
  • Increase self-confidence while being naked and touching your partner
  • Improve libido
  • Increase ability to feel through energy and understand your body

Binaural beat therapy, which is semi-experimental in the medical literature makes use of the fact that the left and right ear receiving slightly different frequencies is received or perceived by our brain as a single tone. This type of therapy is currently recommended for anxiety, stress and related disorders. So basically this is kind of self – help therapy, which is also available through means of audio recordings.

Binaural beat therapy is an emerging form of sound wave therapy which means researchers in this field have not reached any conclusion. Moreover, they haven’t seen a successful treatment in this field yet. Therefore, doctors don’t recommend this at the very first hand. They still rely upon the primitive or traditional means for treating anxiety and related problems.