Can listening to music help you become more focused?

The right kind of music can be worthy enough to relax your mind and increase your concentration. It plays a major role in our daily routine like studying, doing a task, etc. Good music helps us to focus on our upcoming task and listening to music is taken as therapy. Life is full of ups and downs with no peace anywhere. Everybody searches a surrounding full of peace and soothe, and most of them prefer music to reduce their tension and increase their focus.

If you are executing a task and no concentration is there, then that task holds no value. Proper focus and concentration should be there to bring glory to your work. For students, the challenging and tough task is to study consistently, but many of them fail in this attempt because they are lacking in concentration and focus. Here melodious music can be their best companion. They can have this experiment and the result will appear in no time.

Whatever age, we come across everyone is fond of music. Especially children feel more attached to music as they are blooming flowers and they need the right direction to move ahead in their life. Life prospers beautifully when the individual is highly concentrated and dedicated to their work. This dedication and focus are possible by listening to the right kind of music.

Music is a blessing

Music is a direct blessing and the following points are enough to support this argument.

  • Music since ancient times

Music holds a glorious past. Tansen was the man who impressed Akbar with his soulful melody and was an epitome of great and mesmerizing singing. He was among the nine courtiers of great Mughal king Akbar. Akbar listened to his music not only for the sake of amusement, but also for inner peace and spirituality. If we talk about the Indian subcontinent, then we have Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, who could create a sensation around the heart of millions with his heart touching voice.

  • Music since childhood

We can say that we all grew listening to music in the form of a lullaby by our mother and grandmother. At the time of eating, sleeping, sadness and other odd moments, mother used to sing lullabies for us so that it can soothe us and make us feel like heaven. Every time we listened to her with the same charm and discipline as if she is singing for the first time. Infants are habitual of listening to lullaby and without that, they can’t take a single gulp of water or food. Such a process of nurturing with music makes a child grow smart and disciplined.

  • Scientifically proven fact

We always question and argue to our younger generation about listening to music for a longer time, but this fact is scientifically proven that listening to music in the younger generation reduces stress and increases focus. Whatever work they will do after listening to music would be productive and fruitful. Adults who are extremely busy in their life with heavy schedules are recommended to listen to good music so that they can feel stress-free and charged. Even doctors prescribe their patients to listen to good music to remain cool and calm. Some of the mentally disturbed patients are given musical therapy and sudden changes were recorded.

  • Music affects the brain to calm

When we listen to our favourite track or genre we feel happy and cool. This happy feeling happens because of the change in neurological activity in the brain. When you are listening to music, you are no longer attached to a physical world full of sorrow and pain, but you start swimming in your imaginations. The music suddenly connects you to some old memories which bring a smile on your face soothe to heart.

  • Music increases the efficiency of task

Quality of work is liked by all and aspired by all. Everybody tries to execute a complete and noble task, but success comes to a few. Listening to good music stops distraction and the concentration level increases. Music increases the quality and speed of the work in a very smooth manner. It allows you to gather positive energy and feel more energetic from inside and ever ready for any action. We are living in a fast-growing world where speed and excellence matter. For all such regular problems, there is only one solution, that is listening to good music.

  • Love for music

We can hardly find anybody who hates music or any of its genre. It is something in the form of blessing directly coming from the paradise where our Almighty lives. In the Hindu religion, deities were fond of music and some of them were constantly holding musical instruments in their hands. God has given us the throat to sing and croon the music and enjoy it. No need to be melodious, just recite your sweet imaginations and everything would be all right. Somewhere it was written that music heals the internal wounds which evoke sadness and pain.

  • Music vs. noise

There is a huge difference between music and noise. Music which soothes the listener can’t be noisy and chaotic. Good music is something that is attracting and appealing. It must not offend the listener otherwise his state would become worse to worst. A man listens to music in search of pleasure or when he is in depression. So, the role of music is to calm the listener not to add unnecessary discomfort to his present state. Good music should be of good quality and entirely different from noise.

  • Music conveys your thoughts

Music is one of the best creative works of mankind to date. Whenever we play any musical instrument, we covey our inner thoughts. It represents our emotions. This way the brain conveys the thoughts with the medium of music. If you are happy, then basically you are going to sing something beautiful and it would create a positive impact over the listeners and you too.  When we try to understand the music, it makes our mind more creative and productive. It engages our mind to relax and feelings inside come out lucidly. Music has its charm and purity.

  • Music of nature

English literature has an age which is famous by the name, “ROMANTICISM”. Great poets were there at this age who gave a beautiful description of nature and its hallmark. They worshipped nature and in return, nature blessed them with various things where music is prominent. The melodious twittering of the bird Nightingale hypnotizes the listener to write an immortal ode on that bird. There is a very beautiful quotation by Wordsworth about nature, “nature never did betray the heart that loved her”.

Types of music

There are several varieties of music with which an individual can relax and become more focused. There is the music of art, tradition, vocal, folk culture, religious, instrumental, etc. According to the taste and mood, you can switch to any of the music you like and take a dip in the ocean of sweetness and calmness. There are several stalwarts of music in India like Ustad Bismillah Khan, who was an excellent Shehnai player. Today in India, no marriage is complete without the sweet music of Shehnai, it’s a part of the ritual and tradition of India. In the same manner, we have Zakir Hussain for the table, whose live concert is witnessed by millions of fans. In vocal music, we have Lata Mangeshkar, M.D Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Mukesh Kumar and other singers who immortalized themselves with their art. Anybody suffering from depression, lack of concentration or any problem, rushes to listen to the songs of these great singers.

Listen to the music of the surrounding

The whole earth is surrounded by a special kind of music. It can be heard by those who have an elevated thinking capacity and affection for music. The sun, the moon, the star, the tree, the bird, the animal, the plant, the river, the rock, the wind, all are emitting music continuously. It’s not said anyway that earth is our mother. There is greater significance in this quotation and this thought. The only realization can make us feel how mother earth is singing and that’s why a walk in the lap of nature is suggested. The brimming river is conveying something in the form of musical notes and whosoever can understand, the most happy man on this earth he is. Just be respectful towards nature and its music would be yours.

All in all, we can say that music is something which should be in the life of every human being for the holistic approach. Not a single man we could find who is a hater of music and abstains from it. This is something in the form of blessing to us by God. Stress full life always leads to tensions and worries, not a single minute you could rest or breathe in liberty. Life is all about hope and adventure. We must take it positively instead of spoiling it for any petty reason. To remain focused we need to do something creative, and what could be the best option than to listen to good music.